1/2 Marathon Race Report

The big event this week was the running of the half marathon with my daughter Brittany. Neither of us had really trained for the half so it was an irresponsible decision to enter.   That being said, I had a good base of training from my triathlons this summer, but it was not run focused. The half Marathon was called The Canadian and was in Ottawa, Ontario. The unique thing about this race was that it began at 7pm. The idea was to have the Marathoners run at the same time as the Ironmen were finishing their runs. As a result the course was busy and cramped at times. The nice thing is that we had a great race support team with Jackie and my mother cheering us along the entire way.


I started out at a good pace, and in fact was on track for a 2 hour finishing time after 75% of the race was completed. That’s when things took a turn for the worse. I really cramped up badly, so much so that I had to walk a good portion of the last 4 kms. It was disappointing, but I still beat my personal best ½ Marathon time. I was just left thinking what could have been. My final time was 2:16:51. Brittany on the other hand rocked it! She finished in 1:58:00 and was ready for more.


There were some good takeaways from the race though. I need to be more prepared next time and not attempt an endurance event on very little notice. I also cramped so my food intake during the run was lacking. I used “GU” gels as well as electrolytes from Hammer nutrition. I may have waited too long to start consuming them. Once you get behind on the nutrition it is tough to get caught back up.


My training this past week was low mileage. I was in “taper” mode for the ½ Marathon so I really took it easy. My total for this week was 39 kms.


The ½ Marathon was hard, made me doubt my Ironman goal briefly, but I am back onboard now!!!


See you at the finish line….

Posing prior to the race!

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