Back into a Routine

It felt like life got back to normal this week. All the way through August there was so much going on that it felt like I was just trying to maintain some fitness throughout the month. This week I was able to get a few good workouts in, both indoors and outdoors. Overall I finished the week with 89 kms of total distance.


Brittany and I spent lots of time this week debating which event to sign up for next year for our first 1/2 Ironman. I think we have settled on the Timberman, which is in Gilford, New Hampshire in August of next year. It would not have been my first choice of events, but we had to compromise. I looked into the hotels in the area and there are not many. It seems like a sleepy little cottage town in the mountains. Very pretty, but also not much there. The registration for that event has not been opened yet so it is not a done deal yet, but it seems like that will be the one (gulp). It would be great to have a bunch of family and friends come out and cheer me on, but too early to be thinking about that.


I went to the Y this week hoping to increase my swim workouts, but the pool is closed for another two weeks! I guess they are doing maintenence, but shouldn’t they have consulted with me first, lol? Oh well, I will stick to the backyard pool for another couple of weeks.


I did purchase a new pair of shoes. They are Ascics Gel Nimbus 13s. I have been running in this model of shoes for a couple years now so why mess with success right? I still have a few miles left on the old ones, but that will give me time to work the new ones in.


See you at the finish line……



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