Fall Weather

In my neck of the woods it feels like fall has arrived. The temperatures are definitely cooler at night, which in turn makes for moderate temperatures during the day. This is great news for training sessions. Not only are the fall colors nice to look at but it is so much more comfortable running or biking in this weather.


Unfortunately my Polar heart rate monitor broke earlier this week. I used it to track my calories burned during my workouts. I did a little research and decided to replace it with a Garmin fitness watch. It had similar functionality, and it was on sale as well!! I have spent some time these last couple of days reading through the manual and figuring out how to configure it for the three sports (swim, bike, run).


Tomorrow will also be my first day with the 1000 island Swim Masters. I need lots of work on my swim stroke and I am hoping I can get some good coaching and more pool time as a result of joining the club. We will see how things go in the morning.


My training program went well this week. It was a heavy workout schedule that had my putting in 130 kms this week. Hopefully I can keep up the intensity this upcoming week.


See you at the finish line….


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