Kona World Championships

This was an exciting week for aspiring Ironmen as the world championships were held yesterday in Kona, Hawaii. I had been following the media coverage for a couple of weeks leading up to the race and knew the competitors very well. It is amazing the dedication that these athletes have for the sport that they are passionate about. The race is really split into two events, the professionals, and the age groupers. The professionals are simply amazing. The times that they post for the swim, bike, and run are unbelievable! They are able to run a sub 2:45 marathon after the long swim and bike, how is that possible?


The real inspiration comes from the age groupers. These are people not alot unlike myself. They have full-time jobs, family commitments, etc but still manage to be the among the top of their age groups globally. I know I will never get to that point but just knowing that others are not all that different from me, gives me inspiration. I can do this, I know I can.


My training this week was heavy on the bike. Overall I travelled 125kms and had a couple of good swim sessions as well. My race is many months away but I feel like I am running out of training time, how can that be?


See you at the finish line……

1 Comments on “Kona World Championships”

  1. Your journey is inspiring! Good luck with your training, and I’m looking forward to following you to the finish line. Best of luck!!

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