Rest Week – yeah right….

My training program called for a very light week of workouts this week. It is basically 5 tough weeks followed by a soft week, then repeat. Well, I struggle with “soft” weeks, lol. It is difficult to do nothing, I like to be active. It makes me feel like I am missing an opportunity when I am idle. I know that rest weeks are important, I just can’t convince myself to obey them. So, my light week resulted in 83 kms of training.


Brittany got her wetsuit this week so that was exciting news. She is already a really good swimmer and the additional buoyancy will make her that much more efficient. She didn’t “need” a wetsuit to be able to swim, I do!


I have a couple of busy weeks coming up, visitor’s from work in town this upcoming week and then I am travelling the following week. I will have to get creative to make sure I can continue to get my workouts completed.


See you at the finish line…..



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