The 5 Ps

I heard a quote this past week that really stuck with me. “Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. I am calling it the 5 Ps. As I train for an Ironman there are many others pursuing similar goals. I am not the most gifted athlete, in fact far from it! So I plan to control the things that I do excel at, planning and preparation. I will make it to the start line as the most prepared athlete. A new mantra has been found!


I also picked up a new pair of biking shoes this week. Biking shoes are special in that they clip your feet into specialized pedals on a road/triathlon bike. You are “locked” in which improves your efficiency when pedaling as you can both push on the pedals on your downstroke, as well as pull on the pedals on your upstroke. The shoes are also very light and easy to get on and off to make your transitions as fast as possible.

New Bike Shoes


I increased my mileage this week to 106 kms. I am pleased with my running and biking but my swimming still concerns me. I am making progress, but is it fast enough? Only time will tell.


See you at the finish line…..





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