Travel Week

This upcoming week I will be traveling on business. This adds so many challenges to my training and eating! The days are usually long, not leaving much sunlight for an evening run. Of course, using the hotel fitness center is always an option but the equipment is never very good. The good news is that the hotel has a pool. It is a short one but it is better than nothing.


It should be an interesting week in the US as the election takes place on Tuesday. I am heading to an area that is pro Republican so it will be interesting to see how the results come in.


This past week was a good one for training. I trained for 123 kms this week. It was a good mixture of swimming, biking, running, and weights this week. I worked on some new swimming strokes on Friday, that was a sight to see, trust me on that one.


I am also in a weight loss challenge, kind of a Biggest Loser thing that runs until mid February. There are 20 people on each team and we are currently in second place. I don’t think I have a ton to lose but I would like to drop 10 lbs to be at an optimum weight for the 1/2 Ironman in June. We will see how it goes.


See you at the finish line….



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