Determination vs. Tenacity

What is determination? The dictionary defines it as the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling on a purpose. Many have said that I must have a lot of determination to be training for an Ironman distance event. I guess if that means I have settled on a purpose, then yes, I have determination. I think of it as having a single minded goal, something that drives you to plan out your day to ensure you are gaining on that goal in a measurable way.


Tenacity is another word for determination. It is defined as starting something and finishing it. When it gets rough, if you are tenacious you do not give up. Some of my workouts help me with connecting to the definition of tenacity. When I am running, and I get to kilometer 15, and it hurts and I want to stop but I don’t, I guess I have a bit of tenacity in me!


What are you tenacious about?


This week I trained for 106kms, most of it on the weekend as I was travelling last week which made working out tough. I have not swum for a week now so I can’t wait to get back in the pool in the morning!


See you at the finish line….

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