Awards Banquet

The highlight of the week was an awards banquet on Friday night. Both Brittany and I had won awards for our age groups, hers in the running series and mine in the triathlon series. It was a great evening witnessing the various award winners. I was inspired by some of the “older” athletes that won awards. It is amazing what individuals can do when they put their minds to it, even those older than 70!!!

Me recieving my award

Me recieving my award

My foot continued to cause me pain all week. I was getting really concerned about it all, and the workouts I had to cut short, but today it feels like I may have turned a corner. My fingers are crossed.

Brittany and I with our awards!

Brittany and I with our awards!


I had two swim workouts this week with my masters class. After the first one on Monday my confidence was shaken, I just doubted my ability to actually meet this goal based on my abilities. I think my coach sensed that and on Wednesday I felt like I made some progress. I hope I can keep building some confidence as self-confidence can be me Achilles heel at times.  I trained for a total of 101 kilometers this week.


See you at the finish line…..



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