Next phase of training

So this week I began the second phase of the training plan I am following. It is a 5 week bike focused phase, which I enjoy as the bike is my favourite IM discipline. I had a couple rides that were over 2 hours each, plus weight training, swimming, and running.

I should mention that I changed up my swimming schedule. My masters group has evening classes as well so I thought I would give them a shot this past week. The evening workouts fit into my schedule a little better but I was concerned about the coach being new. It worked out well for me on both fronts. There are less people there at night so I get more individual coaching, which I think is helping. We kind of went back to basics this week, even videoed my stroke. The video was very helpful in showing me some of my inefficiencies. Now I just have to solve them!

My mileage was up this week to 159kms. Not surprising with the increase in biking this past week.

See you at the finish line….

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