It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The heavy eating has begun, and that is not a good thing! The difficult thing about the Christmas season is trying to control the intake of food. I am sure I could be on the treadmill for the entire season and still gain weight. It hunts me out and finds me, lol. I have a plan this year, I am going to stay in bed for the entire Christmas week and get caught up on some reading. Well, except for the workouts of course 🙂


Some would say that shopping is a good calorie burner, just not my kind of shopping. You don’t burn many calories sitting on the bench in the mall. Oh but wait, there is the extra weight of carrying the bags out to the car at the end of the day!


Speaking of workouts, they went well this week. My swimming is getting better, just not at an improvement pace I am comfortable with! I trained for 158kms this week, a good week all things considered.


See you at the finish line…..



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