Motivation decline…..

Isn’t this a poor time of year to get motivated to exercise and keep weight off? It seems with all of my efforts I am losing ground, very depressing. It just seems like every night someone drops off another tray of sweets, or drops in for a game of cards, and then the snacking begins. Don’t get me wrong, family and friends are very important, but why do they eat so much?


It was good having Brittany home this week as at least I try to keep up with her exercise regimen. She is a machine when it comes to working out, usually twice a day. More than once over Christmas she guilted me into following her to the Y to get in some training. I did manage to train for 111 kms this week, most of it on the bike.


Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention the snow. Yeah that white stuff that needs to be shovelled everyday around here. I certainly burned a few calories this week attending to the driveway. I can’t wait for exactly 14 days from today, I will be on a cruise ship in warm weather!!! Ugh, I feel another weight gain coming on….


See you at the finish line…



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