Cheesecake Factory – Oh No!

Well I have an exciting week ahead of me. We are currently in Fort Lauderdale Florida about to board a cruise for the Caribbean. We arrived last night and made are way to the Cheesecake factory for dinner. We have been there before and it Is one of our favorite places to eat. It is crazy the size of the portions and also the calories included in them! They have about 25 different types of cheesecake, all of them over 1000 calories per slice. Jackie and I shared a slice and we still felt stuffed.


So as you can see, the struggle this week will be eating in moderation, and I am off to a great start right?  I will have some time to workout daily o I am happy about that. I ran 11kms at the hotel gym this morning, trying desperately to burn off the cheesecake, lol.


Last week I was in Kansas on business so my mileage was down. Not due to less workouts, but more because I didn’t have access to a bike throughout the week. My total mileage was 73 kms this week.


See you at the finish line….



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