Relaxing week of vacation!

It has been a very nice week of vacation sailing around the Caribbean. I think it may have lowered my blood pressure. We had a great time and were able to recharge our batteries. I did manage to get “some” training in this week, but certainly not up to my normal mileage.


I did a couple of swims in the ocean, very nice indeed. I loved the buoyancy that the salt water provided. It felt like I had a wetsuit on! Imagine swimming with a wetsuit in salt water, an even better combination. I ran a few times on deck as well as in the fitness center, and I did a spin class as well. Overall my training took me for 84 kms this week, not bad considering I was on vacation right? 


Reality is setting in, back to work tomorrow. Also the reality that I have to pick up my training and get ultra serious for the next four months. Time to put on my Ironman face!


See you at the finish line…..

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