Cold and Busy Week

Well, the weather certainly didn’t ease me back into winter after a week in the south! It was freaking crazy cold this week. No need to worry about floods this week, nothing was moving anywhere. I had a busy week at work, expected after a week off, but a purposeful one so that was good.


I got back in the pool after a long time away and confirmed to myself that I am not a strong swimmer! It was good to get back in the groove of a routine though, I like routines. I also started using a new program called trainer road. It calculates my power output when I am riding my bike. Power is a very important thing to monitor in an endurance race like an Ironman, if you run out of energy/power, you are not going to finish. I completed a threshold test to set my particular power ratings in the system. A threshold test basically has you ride until you puke and then calculates your average power over that period. Sounds like fun right?


Brittany and I also spent some time this past weekend sorting boxes for Canadian Aid for Chernobyl in preparation for our upcoming trip to Belarus. We are both really excited about the things we have planned for our trip to help others. Brittany is leading a prom dress campaign. She is collecting dresses here in Canada and presenting them and having them fitted at an orphanage in Belarus so that some young ladies can graduate like never before, awesome stuff!!!


Overall this week I travelled 139kms during my training, not a bad week for a busy one!


See you at the finish line…….

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