Support is important!


So, you have read a lot about my training and lofty goals. What you haven’t read about is the behind the scene support that chasing a goal like this requires. Jackie has gotten up numerous times in the middle of the night to drive to early morning races. It is usually a dark, cold, quiet drive to the race. I am usually more than a little stressed on race day so it can be a tense drive and morning. She stands there for hours waiting for me to cross the line and never complains once (ok, she does complain but I can take it).

As well, she supports me during all of the long hours that I am away from her and the family when I am training. The long bike rides, swimming sessions, long runs, they all take LOTS of time. It wouldn’t be possible without support from home.

So remember, whether I make it to my goal or not, it takes a family to do crazy things and chase your dreams, and that is never forgotten.

My training took my for 139kms this week, as the race date is looming large on the horizon.

See you at the finish line….

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