Brittany at the finish line!

Brittany at the finish line!

I was very inspired this week by my daughter! She signed up for a 1/2 Marathon in Ottawa a few weeks back and at the time I said “won’t it be a bit too cold?”. Well that didn’t stop her. We treked up to Ottawa at 5am this morning, and it was -22C outside. Let me just say it was friggin cold, with any amount of clothing on. As a couple of spectators Jackie and I would go outside for 5 minutes to watch her go past, and then run back inside to warm up and strategically plan the next time she would pass, and head back outside again. The runners all had frozen snot everywhere, not a nice sight, lol. Well she did wonderful, in fact she had a personal best of 1:45 and came in second place! Inspiring!

I in turn got back to the house and went for a 10k run on the treadmill. I know, I know, I am a pussy, but an insprired one. I trained for 127 kms this week, woo hoo!!

1 Comments on “Inspiring!”

  1. Brittany sure is a determined young lady and you should be very proud of her. She must be a great encouragment for you to not give up and continue on your quest!

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