An abundance of everything!

The word of the week is abundance! First, let’s talk about food. I went to a pizza event last night for charity. We got to sample the best pizzas of 8 local establishments and then rank them based on factors like crust, toppings, etc. We had an awesome time and Brandon and Kayla came along which made it that much better! We raised $2000 for our charity, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, and had a great time doing it. Unfortunately, 8 slices of pizza (and of course a little more than that as I stole Jackie’s leftovers) is not kind to an Ironman in training.


Lucky for me, I also had an abundance of training this week as well. Yesterday I did a brick workout. That is where you practice two events, one right after the other, simulating a race condition. I biked for an hour and a half and then jumped off and ran a quick 3km (14 mins). After about 1.5 kms your legs feel normal again after coming off the bike. Today I rode a 3 hour ride at a moderate pace, now my ass hurts!


Overall I trained for 191 kms this week, which I think is a new weekly record for me since I have been keeping track of stats.


See you at the finish line……



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