Serious Doubts..

So the big news this week was my short “practice” ride on the IronMan Syracuse course earlier today. I had previously driven the course in the middle of winter so I knew it was very very hilly for the first third of the course. It turned out to be a windy day as well which made things increasingly more difficult. Bottom line, the ride was awful. It was like riding totally uphill for over an hour and a half, straight uphill. In fact I think the elevation gain was close to 1500 feet in the first third of the bike course. I called it quits after 35k or 20 miles for this training ride. The good news (which I didn’t get to experience) is that the last third of the course is predominately downhill so my speeds would be way up!


Takeaways…. I need more hill workouts incorporated into my training.  I picked a bad course for my first 1/2 IronMan, there are certainly easier ones I could have done.


Discouraged right now…..


Training for this week was 109 kms…


See you at the finish line, maybe………



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