Lots of news!!

Well it was my first full week of training for a number of weeks due to my travel schedule. Unfortunately I caught a cold mid week and have felt like crap ever since. I have continued to follow my training plan where I could but to be honest I cut a few workouts short and also skipped a few swims. Overall I trained for 132kms this past week, not bad considering I was sick 😦

So mid week I decided that the Syracuse Ironman on June 23rd will be a very agressive goal. I am not where I need to be from a training perspective. There are exactly 10 weeks remaining until race day, yikes. As a plan “B” I registered for another Ironman in Muskoka in early September. I feel comfortable about being ready for that one! So the plan in that the Syracuse one I will treat as training. I am sure I will learn something, my goal will be to learn something! It will help me be more comfortable for my primary race, the Muskoka one. Bottom line, I didn’t think I could do the Syracuse one, and now I am signed up for two of them, lol. Can you say CRAZY???

Brittany and I also bought some new tri suits for this season. A little snapshot is below.

Brittany and I modeling....

Brittany and I modeling….

See you at the finish line……

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