Still waiting on good weather!

I had a week of bad weather. It seemed that wherever I went the bad weather followed. I left early on Monday morning for Wichita, Kansas for a few days of meetings. When I arrived it was old and wet. I made my way to the local YMCA and was able to get some swimming done. They even let me in for free!! I had hoped to do some outdoor running during my stay in Kansas but no such luck. It was cold and wet the entire time I was there. I did have a couple of runs on crappy treadmills in the hotel.


My flight home on Thursday was interesting. I was up at 3:30am to catch a 6am flight to Chicago, with a connection to Ottawa. Well, due to tornados in  Chicago they incoming flight to Ottawa did not arrive so my flight was cancelled. I rebooked on a flight from Chicago to Syracuse, jumped on my cell phone and arranged for a shuttle to take me from Syracuse to Ottawa to pick up my car to drive the hour home. If it sounds tiring try doing it. I got home at about 7pm that night. I even had some fun with lightening hitting my plane on approach  too much fun for one day


So I get home and Saturday it snows again, deep sigh, when will it ever end. Today is sunny but still cold so I biked indoors once again.


Overall my training took me 151kms this past week.

See you at the finish line……

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