Awesome week of training!

So this week went really well on many fronts. First of all I was at home all week so it was nice to stay connected to the family and get caught up and the daily routine. I was able to get some regular workouts in as well which of course was helpful. The weather also cooperated, FINALLY. We had an awesome week of weather and it really helped with my overall disposition. I like the sun!

 The highlighht of the week was a trip to Syracuse on Saturday to attempt to complete the Ironman course. We jumped in the van around 9am, Jackie being our on course support crew, Brittany and I. It was about 15 degrees when we began the biking. Of course, as mentioned before the first hour and a half were killer. It was all climbing in the hills but when we got to the top of the last hill I felt much better than I did at that point previously. I don’t know if it was better fitness, better weather, better biking partner, or a combination of them all.

It was great to have Jackie pacing us along the course. It gave us something to look forward to as she would park 20kms ahead of us, setting yet another milestone for us. Brittany did a great job, she killed me on the uphills due to her significant weight advantage, but I would catch her on the downhills. We completed the course of 90kms in about 3.5 hours, not too bad for the first full attempt. Now in the real race all we would have left is to run a 1/2 Marathon, lol.

This week I travelled 166kms, and got a sunburn, can’t beat that.

See you at the finish line….

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