Injury, oh no!!

Brittany has been struggling with a knee problem for a number of weeks now. She has tried a number of therapy sessions but nothing seems to be helping. We were both registered for a tune up race in Ottawa in two weeks but I think that one is out of the question for her. In fact, the Syracuse Ironman is in serious risk as well. That is really too bad as she was really looking forward to it but she needs to think long term about things like knee injuries. I have not decided totally, but I think if she can’t make the Syracuse race that I will postpone mine as well. I really wanted us both to complete our first 1/2 Ironman together.


This week was wonderful for weather! I had a week that was more focused on running so my mileage was down from the previous week. I completed 118kms overall this week. I only got in the pool once, that was due to the nice weather! I would look outside and think “I’ve got to get outside”!


See you at the finish line…..


1 Comments on “Injury, oh no!!”

  1. So sorry to hear about Brittany knees. |She has been working so hard on the run with you. But your right you need to think about the long term effects on your whole body. Never know you might just do it anyway Michael. Keep the faith after all your efforts the pass year!

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