6 Weeks to go!!

So there is only six weeks left until the Syracuse 1/2 IronMan. I am certainly nowhere near ready, but I think I will give it a try regardless of my readiness. The official start of my final phase of my training plan begins tomorrow. It is 5 weeks of heavy, heavy, mileage and workouts followed by a week of tapering before the race. Most of the upcoming swimming workouts are open water, a big change for me as I have been in the pool for a number of months now. I think the water will still be freezing but I better get used to it.


This upcoming week also marks the beginning of the competitive tri season for me. I am in my first race this upcoming Saturday in Ottawa. It will be a good test to see where I am with my fitness. I know I won’t have a podium performance at this point but my goals are as follows:

1) Feel comfortable in the water, stay calm and controlled

2) Practice my transitions, in and out as quick as possible

3) No injuries!!

4) No music, this will be a first but I need to get used to it for the IM…


My training this week took me 89 kms, not much relatively speaking but it was the last slow week leading up to the final push.


See you at the finish line……


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