Big Doubts…

I had a good week of training this week. The weather continues to suck in my neck of the woods. As a result there has been no opportunity to improve my confidence in my open water swimming, it is just too cold in the local lakes to date. The race is only 4 weeks away and at this point I am seriously considering skipping the Syracuse race and focusing on Muskoka in September. I tell myself that this is a life goal and there is no need to rush this if I am not ready. At the same time I would feel like I have failed if I don’t give Syracuse a shot. What to do, what to do?


Jackie drove Brittany, Robert and I down to Syracuse on Sunday for another ride on the bike course. It is nice to have done it a few times, you know what to expect, etc. The conditions were tougher than previous times we did the course, it was severe wind. That made things really hard. Thankfully the wind  did not play much of a role on the Sweet road uphill climbs. We finished in 3:40 for the 90kms.


I talked to the park ranger at the park we swim in, it seems the water is too cold to swim in there as well. I guess there is a group that will be meeting on Wednesday nights to train the swim course, too bad it is not practical for me.


This week I trained for 210kms, I think a new high!!!


See you at the finish line…..

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