Milestone Swim

I had a busy week. Things at work are crazy busy right now and I am also deep into the planning of a Charity Poker Run, so my time has been limited for training. The good news is that I didn’t totally ignore my training. I didn’t get the mileage in that I had in previous weeks, this week I trained for 84kms.

The highlight of the week was the trip on Saturday to Charleston Lake for an open water swim. Brittany and I headed off first thing in the morning and jumped in the chilly waters for a 2km swim. It was a good confidence builder for both of us. It had been awhile since I did a wetsuit swim so it was good to get used to the compressed feeling once again.

Things are getting exciting in preparation for the Syracuse Ironman. This week they announced the swim waves and the bib numbers. Brittany swims about 15 minutes before me so I will likely not see her at all in the race! We both have about 80 people in our swim waves. Brittany will be number 440, and I will be number 904. Are they lucky numbers, we will soon find out.

See you at the finish line……




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