Two Weeks to Go….

There are two weeks remaining until the Syracuse race and I couldn’t feel much less prepared. I have been travelling for work so I missed a number of workouts and also ate all the wrong foods. I am heading into this in the exact opposite way I wanted to, I don’t feel good about it at all.

Brittany, Jackie, and I headed back down to Syracuse yesterday to do some swimming on the course and to run the run course. The swim was a bust, the park rangers wouldn’t let us swim outside the “kids roped off” area. So it was no different than swimming in a local pool. Well, except for the heavy weeds that kept grabbing at my ankles, lol.

The run course was tough. We did one loop for a training run, about 10.45 kms. There are no flat spots on the course at all, you are either going up or going down. There are some significant hills on the course, they will be a challenge after and hour swim and a 2.5 hour bike, lol.

Brittany is going to kill this course! Her light frame really sets her up well for the bike hills and the run hills. Her knee seems to be improving as well! My wrist issue continues, in fact it is worse now. Back to the doctor tomorrow to see what can be done. I figure I will be heading to an ultrasound or an x-ray.

I trained for 101kms last week, but I missed three days due to business travel. My training plan begins to taper soon with the strategy that I will be “fresh” in two weeks, lol.

See you at the finish line…..

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