Disappointment but also excitement

Well the long awaited Syracuse Ironman is only days away but unfortunately I won’t be at the start line. After many last minute doctor appointments and physiotherapy it seems that my wrist injury is just not going to allow me to compete. I have been trying to swim and bike, while holding my hand in awkward positions to see if there was anyway possible that I could still manage to participate but last night I had to make the final decision. It is just not wise to chance further injury at this point. Safety is also a concern on the bike as I can’t brake with that hand and there are stretches of the bike course where I would be in excess of 50-60kms and hour, doing that without the ability to brake properly would just be plain stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I have considered trying it but in the end I have to realize this is a hobby and nothing more, there will be other races. The longer I wait, the sweeter victory will be when it comes. In fact, I now have my goal re-adjusted to the Muskoka Ironman in early September.

A very unhappy camper at the doctor....

A very unhappy camper at the doctor….

So my injury and disappointment aside, I still plan on having a great time cheering Brittany on this weekend during her first Ironman. She is going to do so well, I just know it. I will be very proud when she crosses the finish line Sunday afternoon (in the 40 degree Celsius heat with humidex)!! Hydrate young lady, HYDRATE!!! I can’t wait to get to the course and feel the excitement, I just love the atmosphere at the Ironman races. I just hope it doesn’t kill me to watch rather than participate this time around.

See you at the finish line, Brittany 🙂

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