Can you say “World Championships”?

In my last post I had disappointing news about my wrist and having to drop out of the Ironman race this past weekend. I turned my focus to getting my daughter over the finish line as quickly and safely as possible. What a day we had, I don’t know where to start!!

We were up at 3am and at the course by 4:15am. The first chore was to setup her transition area for the race. We filled up her tires only to find out that her front one had a leak. After many panicked moments the bike tech crew onsite was able to replace the tire in fast order. She setup all of her nutrition needs on her bike and in her run belt. It was time to sit around and wait. I was nervous just waiting and I was not even racing, I can’t imagine how she felt!

The swim portion went better than planned, she came out of the water 7th in her age group with a smile, always a good sign. She was then off on the bike course. This is the weakest of the three disciplines for her so it is more of a survival mentality. Jackie and I were on the side of the road not really expecting to see her for about another 20 minutes and over the hill she came. She rocked the bike, surpassing her bike goal in a major way. After the bike she was in third in her age group. Next was the run, her strongest suit. It was cool watching her pass the fit dudes on the run, her small body size really helps her the longer the race go on. She even smiled going up the hills! We were tracking her online as well and saw that midway thorough the run she moved into 2nd place, that is when it really hit home, she was going to have a podium finish at her first Ironman. She held on to second place and we were all so excited!!

So the most amazing news of all, she got a qualifying spot for the 2013 World Championships in Las Vegas! It seems we will be booking tickets to Vegas very soon. Both of us were registered in Ironman Muskoka that same weekend so decisions have to be made. Do I postpone my first Ironman event in Muskoka to support my daughter at worlds? You bet I do and I can’t wait to cherish every moment of it!!!

Notice the guys getting "chicked" on the run!! This is what they call it when a girl passes you on the course!

Notice the guys getting “chicked” on the run!! This is what they call it when a girl passes you on the course!

Finish Line!!

Finish Line!!

Ironman Syracuse Medal!!

Ironman Syracuse Medal!!

See you at the finish line…..

1 Comments on “Can you say “World Championships”?”

  1. Congratulations Brittany! What a phenominal accomplishment!

    Sorry your wrist isn’t cooperating with you Mike. I bet it was exciting to see your training partner at the finish line though! The next race has your name on it! Good luck with healing & training in the mean time!

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