Back to training…

After a very exciting week for us last week this week was back to basics. After watching the Ironman last week my inspiration was renewed, I really wanted to be out there with the others doing the event. That being said, it was time to move on and get ready for my next event. I am signed up for a triathlon in Kingston next weekend so time to put the game face back on.


My wrist injury is not any better. I had three rounds of physio this past week and it helped, marginally. I don’t think physio alone is going to solve my problems. My appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon is mid August and I can’t want to see what they say.


This upcoming week I am travelling again, this time to South Carolina. As always it will make my workouts tough to do this week, but I will try.


This past week I trained for 127 kms overall. This included a good open water swim in Lake Sydenham. I need to work on my sighting skills in open water, lol


See you at the finish line….



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