It was a race week!

This week began with another business trip, this time to South Carolina. I lost out on my Canada Day holiday as I had to travel on Monday morning. I packed my running gear with good intentions for the week. Unfortunately mother nature didn’t cooperate at all. It rained the entire time I was down south, and it wasn’t just light rain, it was a consistent downpour. I got home on Thursday with no workout miles to speak of.


I was entered in a race on Sunday in Sydenham, just north of Kingston. As a result I didn’t want to overdo my workouts on Friday and Saturday, I wanted to be fresh. I did some riding and running but it was limited. In fact, we were so busy with life that I am not sure I would have had the time for much more than that.


Race morning was overcast and drizzling. I don’t mind rain for the swim and run, but biking in the rain with tiny race tires can be scary. I had a good support crew as Jackie and Brittany drive with me and Mom and Shirley arrived just before the race started. My swim was awful. I went offline early in the swim and it got me stressed. That turned into anxiety which negatively effected my entire swim. I even grabbed onto a kayak just to settle myself down. That is what the safety crews are for right? For some reason it still felt like failure. Mid swim I was thinking to myself “Why do I do this?”. I did make it out of the water alive and had a good bike. The skies opened up just as I was coming into transition to jump off the bike and into the run, perfect timing! My run went well but it was muddy. Part o the route was through a wooded area alongside the lake and with all the rain it was messy.

Swimming in the Sydenham triathlon. I have a tour guide!!

Swimming in the Sydenham triathlon. I have a tour guide!!

My results were not stellar overall, but I did finish strong and was happy with my bike and run. This past week I trained for 61 kms, hoping for better this upcoming week!


See you at the finish line……


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