Good week of training

I had a good week of training last week. It was hot and humid but I actually enjoy that when training, a good sweat means you are accomplishing something right? I was encouraged by my open water swimming last week. I did multiple sessions in the St. Lawrence river and then were all very calm and controlled. If only I could get to that mindset during a race I would be golden!

I had a minor bike malfunction during my long ride this week. On Saturday I was out for a 60km ride and about 1/2 way through I heard a “ping”. I couldn’t figure out what it was and the bike seemed to be moving along well so I just kept going. I figured it was a stone that got caught up in the gears or something. When I did stop for a “butt” break I saw the issue, one of my spokes broke! My bike doesn’t have as many spokes as a regular bike due to light weight race wheels so it was concerning. Was the wheel going to collapse? Was it safe to continue? I took my chances and made it back home. I will have to take it in for a new rim very soon.

I trained for 160kms this past week, I am pleased with that!

See you at the finish line…….

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