Tough Week

It was a less than stellar training week for me this past week. Life has gotten very crazy, so much going on. First, Jackie and I have been looking at new houses in Kingston. There are some good options, and we want to move there, but the thought of all that comes with planning a move is overwhelming. We had an agent come in to evaluate our house, and we are now considering our options.

I have also been working on multiple work items, including planning for a week long trip to Wichita next week. It really cuts into my workout time, lol.

Brittany got her new bike on Friday. It looks really good, and it should for the price. We went for a quick ride on Friday and she is definitely faster on the new bike. I was able to keep up, but barely. It won’t be long and she will be a better biker than me! Oh yeah, she has a full time triathlon coach now, a professional.

It is a sad day today. I should be watching the finish line of the Lake Placid Ironman, but instead I am sitting in the Chicago airport. It is my first time missing the event in three years.

The past week I trained for 94kms.

See you at the finish line……

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