Getting Older

It was a very busy week for me this past week as I was travelling all week. As a result my exercise was really reduced this week. In fact, I only got 15 kms of training completed. That was not the worst part of the week though, somehow I hurt my foot. I woke up on Thursday morning and my left foot was swollen and very tender to walk on. It was the outside of the foot. I limed around for the day hoping that it might get better. Friday morning came along, still no progress. I was beginning to think that I had broke a bone in foot somehow, maybe a stress fracture from all of my training? When I got back to Canada late Friday night I decided I would go to the hospital the following morning.

At the hospital....

At the hospital….

After a 2 hour visit the x-rays come back negative, there was no break. The doctor did say that small cracks from running don’t always show up on x-rays, only an MRI would show that. So I left the hospital, still limping, still in pain. As a result I have truly been resting the past two days (not like my typical resting of only an hour of working out a day). I hope to test it on the bike tomorrow but I will see how it is when morning comes around. I think as I get older it just takes longer to heal from these things, I just have to get my mind to believe I am no longer 20, 😦

There is always a silver lining though right? I can focus on core workouts and strength training. I am approaching my 60 consecutive day of doing my planking routine, woo hoo!

Not much longer and we will be heading to Vegas to watch Brittany in the World Championships!!!

See you at the finish line…..

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