Big Bike Miles

It felt good to be at home for a full week and not travelling. Unfortunately I had to stay off my left foot as it was still sore. On Friday I ran a 5 km just to test it out. I felt it, but it wasn’t a sharp pain, just a dull one. About an hour after the run it really hurt though, back to the icing routine. Depressing.

As a result of my foot I put in many miles on the bike this week. The highlight was a Kingston to Brockville ride with Brittany. She started in Kingston and I started in Maitland and we met on the Parkway half way. We then turned around and both headed back to Brockville. It was a beautiful day outside, great for riding. Of course I had the wind in my face heading west, she had it at her back! That was my excuse for her going slightly further than I did!

I travelled 203kms during my training this week, a huge improvement from my previous weeks mileage.

See you at the finish line…..

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