A New Era

It has been a busy week! I think I start every blog entry with that comment, some things never change. Early in the week I booked a trip to Orlando. It was a treat for Brandon and Kayla as their summer is quickly coming to an end. I had extra vacation as well and needed to burn it off. We travelled early on Friday morning and are not returning home until Tuesday.

The trip has cut into my biking time! I did get to run while in Florida, and it has been hot. Everyday it hits 100 degrees. I have been swimming and running early in the morning but trust me, it is still super hot and humid. This week I trained for a total of 106kms, not bad for a busy week that included travel.

My big news of the week is that I signed up for some personal triathlon coaching. I have hit a bit of a wall with my training recently and I needed a boost of some sort to get some motivation back. I am excited to collaboratively construct my training plan together with the coach and see where it takes me. The trainer can be found at http://www.qt2systems.com 

Brittany had a good week as well. There are only a couple weeks remaining before the worlds in Vegas. She competed in an Olympic distance tri locally and did very good. She had the fastest bike of the females! Kind of cool as the bike was once her weakness!

See you at the finish line……

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