Vegas Baby!!!!!

So let’s start this week by briefly talking about me (it is my blog after all). This past week I had some recovery to do after my half Ironman last weekend. I did do some light workouts early in the week but trust me, my body wasn’t ready for it. I attempted a 10km run on Tuesday and it was clearly a no-go situation. I made it about 5k and that was a struggle. By Friday I was feeling about 85% and got a good run and bike in after that. The legs are still heavy though. Overall I trained for 118 kms this week, not bad for a recovery week.

Vegas Baby!!!

Vegas Baby!!!

So the bigger news this week is VEGAS BABY! We are all ready to cheer Brittany on at the World Championships. The bike is packed and ready for the plane trip. We had to dismantle it to get it in the bike flight case so it will be stressful when we land until “Dad” can prove he can get it back together, lol. Brittany and I did a final training ride today and she is fast and ready! The weather is a cool 38 degrees centigrade every day over the last week. Can you imagine doing a World Championship race in temperatures that hot. The open water swim is in 82 degree water, not what we are accustomed to in the great white north. The 90km bike is in the desert, nothing but hills and cactus. And the 1/2 marathon, well let’s just say it will be a test in that heat.
Here she comes!!!!!!!

Here she comes!!!!!!!

We leave on Wednesday morning, early, early, Wednesday morning and should be in the hotel by 1pm local time. Our first stop will be a local whole foods store, Brit and I can’t wait for that shopping experience, yes we are a bit “off” as the rest of the family tells us!
When Sunday morning rolls around Jackie and I will be out there cheering her on. Regardless of the result, she made it to the World Championships and that is awesome! Of course, any sponsorship deals will have to go through her manager/banker, yeah, that’s me!

See her at the finish line……

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