Race Planning for 2014

As hard as it is to believe, the competitive Tri season is almost over for 2013. Living in the great white north certainly does shorten the tri season. It is almost time to move all the equipment indoors for the year.


Brittany and I did some race planning for 2014 this past week. Her “A” race is a full Ironman in August in Mont Tremblant. It will be exciting to watch her in the full distance Ironman. We both also signed up for the Syracuse 1/2 Ironman in June. For me it will be my “A” race for season and for Brittany it is a warm-up race for her Mont Tremblant debut. It feels good to have a race on the calendar to keep the training motivation up!

I began my new training program with QT2 Systems. After the first week I am encouraged. The plan has me doing more strength work than I am accustomed to doing. In fact, I did very little strength training previously. So far I have three strength sessions a week. It takes a bit to get used to the different dynamics in the weight section of the gym. Lots of qt2testosterone going on there which is not my thing. I need to stay/get slim and have lean muscle mass, not bulky stuff. In any event, it is a change for me and I think a good one overall. The new plan is not as aggressive as I was previously training. It has a more scientific slant to it. I train for so many hours in a certain heart rate zone, regardless of speed or time, it takes some getting used to. We are working towards a 1/2 Marathon the first weekend in March, after that it will be all out for the 1/2 Ironman in June.

This past week I travelled 99kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…..

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