Time to take the training indoors?

Well the weather has certainly changed for the worse. It has been wet and cold for the majority of the week and that has had me doing a good portion of my training indoors. I really don’t mind being indoors, I get to get caught up on some TV shows while training.

Getting aero on my trainer this week.

Getting aero on my trainer this week.

Of course, it also involves many trips to the Y as well. My swimming this week went well. I had three sessions and they were all “drill” focused. The drills are based on me getting better balance in the water. I think it just may be working! I also continued the new strength program as well. I am more comfortable with the machines and specific weight exercises now. Of course, now that I am comfortable they add more weight to the routine for next week!

Brittany tried out for the varsity triathlon team at Queens this past week. She had to compete in swim, bike, and run time trials. She found out this morning that she made the team so that is cool. It opens up some more scholarship opportunities for her as an athlete! Her first competition is late in October.

My training took me for 112kms this past week.

See you at the finish line…..

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