Fall weather is welcomed!

It was a great week of weather for outdoor training. Last week I was lamenting about having to take my training indoors for the year and then we get a week of good weather! I guess I should complain more often!

Can't beat the scenery while biking!

Can’t beat the scenery while biking!

It is nice to go for long bike rides and see all of the leaves that are changing colour. The temperatures are also pleasant, making for a comfortable workout. Running is a lot more enjoyable as well without the heat and humidity.



Next Sunday I have a 5k race planned. I am excited to see what kind of times I can run after three weeks on my new training plan. I have been doing less cardio recently and more strength work.

Time for another race!

Time for another race!

I think that will benefit me in longer endurance events but not so sure about the shorter races. Time will tell.

This past week I travelled 146kms during my training. My plan is slowly building up the distances in all three disciplines of the triathlon.

See you at the finish line….

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