5K Race – Came up 2 seconds short….

Well, the past week was a grind with many things due at work to attend to. This made the week go by quickly with plenty of things going on. My workout plan was lighter than usual as there was a built in taper so that I would be “fresh” for a 5k race I participated in earlier today. 5k I had a mental goal set for myself and I came up short by 2 seconds, yeah 2 whole seconds. I was attempting to run each of my kilometre splits in under 5 minutes each but my fourth split was 5:09. I tried to get it back in the final kilometre but just came up short. Oh well, a new personal best 5k will have to wait for another day, hopefully soon!

I am really looking forward to getting back to work in the morning, I am also very sarcastic on occasion 🙂

I trained for 77kms this past week, most of it outdoors in the great weather (with the exception of the 5k this morning in the rain and cold). Just think, if the weather was nicer I might have been 2 seconds quicker!

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