Thanksgiving Festivities

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

It has been a busy week since my last blog post. We have a three day weekend in Canada as it is Thanksgiving!  We had the usual scheduling issues with all of the planned dinners. Eventually we settled on my parents house on Sunday and Jackie’s parents coming to our house on Monday.





The weekend began with a Friday night poker game with old friends. We had not played in awhile so it was good to see the guys and have some friendly competition.

My typical hand :)

My typical hand 🙂

It was a big crowd, we had 8 players show up! I didn’t win any money, but that was the plan, I am setting them up for next month!

Brittany also came home from school this weekend. We managed to get in a good bike ride together on Sunday morning. The weather has still been awesome, I am sure it will turn really soon. In fact, as I am writing this it is cold and wet outside my window.

On Saturday we had a KONA party! We all sat in front of the TV to watch the full distance Ironman Championships from Hawaii. Both the women’s and mens race were close and exciting. So motivational watching the pros, they can really run. Amazing how fast they go in all three disciplines.

The finish line in KONA!!!!!

The finish line in KONA!!!!!

Someday soon I bet we will be watching Brittany at that race as well. An added bonus was that Cait Snow, my coach that put together my current training plan, came in 6th place!!

I had a good week of training travelling 149kms. My swimming is getting stronger, I can keep up with the slowest of turtles now. I think the weight training has really helped my swimming.

See you at the finish line…..

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