How many donuts and beers have you burned?

I decided this week to look through my training logs and reflect on the distances and times I have trained over the past year. It is fascinating when you total it all up just how far I have travelled. When you train day after day the actual accomplishments can get lost. You have to step back and reflect on how far you have come, what you have accomplished.

So the results are in! Over the past 12 month period I have travelled 6301 kilometers in total! It was composed of 931kms of running, 5120kms of biking, 113kms of swimming, and 130kms of walking!! Geez, I am glad that wasn’t all in one day, I would be sore!!! I officially trained for 22,592 minutes, or approximately 377 hours!

Looking yummy!

Looking yummy!

You might ask how many calories did I burn? I thought you would!! I burned 222,819 calories over the past year. That seems crazy. It represents 928 donuts or even better, 1393 beers! I must say, that is a lot of beer. If I had actually drank that much beer I dare say I wouldn’t have my wits to create this blog entry!


Looking refreshing!!

Looking refreshing!!

This past week my training went well. It was tough on Saturday and Sunday to get motivated to do my long rides and runs, but I got it done with some motivating from Jackie. I travelled 166kms this past week!

See you at the finish line….

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