Low mileage but a PB to go with it!

This week my training was designed to be low mileage. It was a taper week as earlier today I had a 5k race planned. I wasn’t feeling particularly stellar this morning so my expectations were low. I had a good breakfast and then headed out to the race. I did a little warm-up jog prior to the start, which is new for me.

A new personal best this week!

A new personal best this week!

I kind of just show up at the start line cold and use the first part of the race as a warm-up to see how I feel. Well, I guess that helped as I had a personal best 24:43 time for the 5k! I had been hovering around the 25 min race time for a couple months so this is somewhat of a breakthrough. I went out hard and had a 4:45 first kilometer. At that point my goal was to run the remaining 4kms on 5 minute per kilometer pace and then I would know I had my record beat. My second kilometer was just under 5 mins, but my third was a 5:05, it felt like it was slipping away! I came back with a fourth kilometer of just under 5 mins. During the last kilometer I was sure that I was going to leave the scrambled eggs on the side of the road. I slowed down a touch and got myself to the finish line. PB achieved!

This upcoming week will be a real training challenge. I am travelling on business all week so I have been researching where I can swim, bike and run all week in a strange city. I found some spots but finding the time will be a problem. There are at least two evening dinners planned, which tend to consume the entire evening. All I can do is my best and see how things work out.

This past week I travelled 80kms during my training, I have hopes that I can increase that this upcoming travel week.

See you at the finish line…..

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