It’s been a long week

Well this week certainly did a number on my normal routine. I was travelling on business all week so things were far from ordinary. I had done some research prior to my trip. I had printed out local pool schedules, maps to the YMCA, etc. As a result, I did manage to get in some good workouts, just not all of them. Every night was scheduled group dinners with the out of town teammates so finding the time to workout was REALLY tough. As a result but the time on got home on Friday night I was worn out.

My plan on the weekend was to catch up on some missed workouts, along with the scheduled ones as well. Mother nature did not cooperate at all.

Rain, rain, go away......

Rain, rain, go away……

It has been a rainy weekend so the biking and running were just plain tough. The motivation was lacking as well, I just felt like chillin all weekend. I look forward to a “regular” week this upcoming week, hopefully I can back into my routine. I am soooooo happy to be home!

This past week I travelled 139kms during my training, most of it south of the border!

See you at the finish line….

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