Back on Track!

After a couple of weeks of what I thought was poor training this week went well! It sure helped that I was in town all week so I was able to get back into a routine. All three of the triathlon disciplines felt relatively good this week. My swimming is coming along, in other words I didn’t drown this past week. My running mileage continues to increase week after week. And my biking felt strong this week as well, even though it was all performed inside on the trainer.

Brandon's award ceremony

Brandon’s award ceremony

Brittany was home this weekend for a short period. She wanted to attend Brandon’s award ceremony at his high school. This is an annual event where they present awards to the kids with the top marks in each subject the previous year.

We have been going to the event for seven straight years now as both Brittany and Brandon have managed to scoop up a number of awards throughout the years.

Saturday night we all gathered around the TV to watch the Ironman World Championship coverage on NBC. The actual event took place about a month ago but it was not televised live. So, we knew the results, but it was still exciting for us all. Someday I think Brittany will make it to this event as well.

The finish line at Kona!

The finish line at Kona!

If I am still doing triathlons when I am 70 I might have a shot at winning my age group locally and making it to Kona as well!

My training took me for 188kms this past week!

See you at the finish line…..

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