Extremely Busy Week

Well it has been non stop action this week in the McEachern house! Brandon got his midterm marks and did awesome as he maintained an average of 94.5%. That also occurred at the same time as he was able to apply for Universities for next year. We spent plenty of time this week looking through the various options and ranking his choices.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

He has settled on Computer Science as a degree, not sure where he would have gotten those skills from??? We just finished the online application process, and paid the application fees. The money pit started today at about 8:04pm.

We also took a few trips to Kingston this weekend. The first was a night out with Brandon and his long term girlfriend Kayla. It was a celebration for the good grades they both brought home. We had dinner and then went to the new comedy club called Absolute Comedy. I would highly recommend the comedy club, it was a lot of laughs! Earlier today we went back with my parents to look at homes once again. We found a really really really nice one, only problem was the price tag at over $600,000. I guess we will just keep looking.

House hunting!

House hunting!

There are lots of options, that is the good news with Kingston. The bad news is that the housing market is stronger than it is in Brockville so it will definitely cost us more to get a comparably house.

My training went well this week, although my motivation was low. Must have been the cold weather we had recently, I hate winter! I trained for 192 kms this week, all of it indoors of course.

See you at the finish line…..



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