Training and house hunting!

Another busy week in the McEachern house. We are still in the process of house hunting in the Kingston area. It seems like we are spending 1/2 of our time going to open houses and dealing with bankers! It is an exciting time but also a frightening time. There is a certain amount of risk involved with moving. We have been in our current house for 20 years, scary stuff!

My training plan was very light this week. It was a taper week as I was resting for a 10k race earlier today. The weather really didn’t help me out today so I took the 10k race indoors. I went to the local Y and used the indoor track. So, the problem with that is that the track is short! I had to do 112 laps of the track to get to my 10k distance. Yep, I was dizzy, felt like I was going in circles forever!

Brittany had a good training camp this week in Hamilton. It was with a number of our national triathletes, you know, the kind that go to the Olympics! She really enjoyed the workouts and the lectures and is as motivated as ever to be the best female in the sport some day. If you know her at all, you wouldn’t rule out that possibility. Jackie and Brittany were also able to stop at a Whole Foods store in the Toronto area.

Olympic rings!

Olympic rings!

Brittany and I are in love with that store but unfortunately there are none in our local area. She took advantage of the opportunity and Jackie brought me back some treats as well!

I trained for 104 kilometers this week!

See you at the finish line…..

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