The house search is over!

An artist's rendition...

An artist’s rendition…

After many days spent looking for a new house in Kingston we finally made an offer this week that was accepted. We elected to go with a new build so it will be awhile before we are in the new place, July to be exact. We are very excited but at the same time now we need to begin preparing our house to put on the market. That will be no small task! Funny how now that I look at our house it really does have a lot of positive qualities. We will miss this place as the kids were both born here and this is the only home they know. My fingers are crossed that the stars align and we can make this happen.

We were checking out the Ironman rankings this past week for 2013. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Brittany is ranked 28th in the world in her age group. Not bad for someone who just started racing this past year. There are four Canadians ahead of her in the ranking so Canada is a strong presence in the Ironman world! Her classes are also finished for the semester so exams have begun, fun times!

I hope to have some exciting news about Brandon in next week’s blog, stayed tuned!

My training went well this past week. My trainer has me increasing my mileage week over week to set a solid base heading into next year. This means the workouts get longer and longer and the distances keep increasing. This past week I trained for a total of 187 kilometres.

See you at the finish line….

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