A New Driver in the Family!

It was an exciting week for us in the McEachern house. Brandon was scheduled to do his drivers test for his G2 on Monday. Unfortunately the instructor was ill that day and they cancelled! It was very disappointing for all of us. Brandon was stressed but ready. He was able to call the 1-800 number and get another appointment for Thursday, which happened to be his birthday as well. He wasn’t to thrilled about that as he figured if he failed it would ruin his birthday celebrations. Well, as it turned out there was nothing to worry about, as he passed easily. It was very exciting for all of us, a real milestone. The excitement quickly faded after I called the insurance company to get him added to the policy. They are not kind to teenage boys with insurance rates. His birthday went very well as we had a family dinner and watched him open his gifts. This may be his last birthday at home as he will be away at university this time next year.

My home for the winter :(

My home for the winter 😦

On the training front things progressed well. I am getting a good feel for the water now. Heck, I should be as I am in the pool enough! Both the biking and the running training continue to increase in duration and distance. This week I went over the 200km barrier for the week (204kms to be exact). Of course all of the training is firmly planted indoors now. It is just too damn cold to do anything outside. As well with the recent snow storm we have had it is dangerously slippery as well.

See you at the finish line….

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